Leeds Facebook Competition 
Terms and Conditions

By entering the competition you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The competition is being run by Quickfire, a brand of Quickline Communications LTD.

The competition is open to entrants over 18 years of age only.

In entering the competition you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim the prize you may win.

A maximum of one entry per individual.

The competition is free to enter.

Quickline will not accept responsibility if contact details provided are incomplete or inaccurate.

The prize will be as follows;

1 whole year’s free internet service provided by Quickline Communications through Quickfire worth £600.

The year of free service will start from the day of installation.

The service will consist of Quickfire’s top product which offers 900Mbps symmetrical upload and download service.

The prize will include free installation of FTTP and you must confirm a time and date for installation upon claiming the prize if you win.

This is to trail the service in the areas stated (LS10, LS11, LS13 and LS28) to ensure the service is running and providing the guaranteed speed of 900Mbps.

The winners will be drawn at random.

The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternatives will be offered.

The decision of Quickline Communication LTD regarding any aspect of the competition if final and no correspondence will be entered into about it.


The full list of postcodes that can be connected area;

LS10 2AB
LS10 2BR
LS10 2DD
LS10 2DH
LS10 2DJ
LS10 2DL
LS10 2DN
LS10 2DP
LS10 2DQ
LS10 2DR
LS10 2DT
LS10 2DW
LS10 2EF
LS10 2EG
LS10 2EH
LS10 2EJ
LS10 2EP
LS10 2EQ
LS10 2ER
LS10 2ET
LS10 2EU
LS10 2EX
LS10 2EY
LS10 2EZ
LS10 2HA
LS10 2HB
LS10 2HD
LS10 2HE
LS10 2HF
LS10 2HL
LS10 2HN
LS10 2HP
LS10 2HR
LS10 2HS
LS10 2HT
LS10 2HU
LS10 2HX
LS10 2JG
LS10 2JH
LS10 2JJ
LS10 2JL
LS10 2JP
LS10 2JQ
LS10 2JR
LS10 2JR
LS10 2JU
LS10 2LE
LS10 2LT
LS10 2LU
LS10 2LW
LS10 2LW
LS10 2LY
LS10 2NA
LS10 2NB
LS10 2ND
LS10 2NE
LS10 2NF
LS10 2NG
LS10 2RN
LS10 2RP
LS10 2RR
LS10 2RS
LS10 2RW
LS10 2TJ
LS10 2TL
LS10 3AT
LS10 3AU
LS10 3AX
LS10 3AY
LS10 3AZ
LS10 3BA
LS10 3BB
LS10 3BD
LS10 3BE
LS10 3BG
LS10 3BH
LS10 3BJ
LS10 3BL
LS10 3BQ
LS10 3ER
LS10 3ES
LS10 3ET
LS10 3EU
LS10 3EW
LS10 3EX
LS10 3EY

LS11 5JW
LS11 5LD
LS11 5LE
LS11 5LF
LS11 5LG
LS11 5RN
LS11 5RP
LS11 5RR
LS11 5RS
LS11 5RT
LS11 5RW
LS11 5RX
LS11 5RY
LS11 5RZ
LS11 5SA
LS11 5SB
LS11 5SD
LS11 5TH
LS11 5TQ

LS13 4LQ
LS13 4LX
LS13 4NF
LS13 4NH
LS13 4NL
LS13 4NN
LS13 4NP
LS13 4NQ
LS13 4NR
LS13 4NS
LS13 4NT
LS13 4NU
LS13 4NW
LS13 4PG
LS13 4PH
LS13 4PJ
LS13 4PQ
LS13 4RJ
LS13 4TB
LS13 4TY
LS13 4TZ

LS28 6AD
LS28 6FS
LS28 6LA
LS28 6LD
LS28 6LH
LS28 6LJ
LS28 6LL
LS28 6LP
LS28 6LP
LS28 6LQ
LS28 6LS
LS28 6LT
LS28 6LW
LS28 6LW
LS28 6NA
LS28 6NB 
LS28 6ND
LS28 6NE
LS28 6NG
LS28 6NH
LS28 6NJ
LS28 6NQ
LS28 6NR
LS28 6NS
LS28 6NY
LS28 6NZ
LS28 6PD
LS28 6PE 

To stay up to date with our future build list in the Leeds area please check your postcode

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