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Bored? Waiting for that file to upload to Dropbox? Upload Speeds are vital too - Why? Here's why!

By Ashley Liddell

Let's face it, we've all been in those situations where we have been sat down, endlessly glaring at a monitor as we wait hours for a large file to upload to a file-sharing solution, like Dropbox. Some of us have been the unfortunate ones during a pandemic Zoom call, where our colleagues beg us to turn off our camera, due to some serious lag.

We're now at a stage where upload speeds and download speeds are of equal importance and where upload speeds matter, but why?

What is 'Upload' speed used for?

Your upload speed is how fast your data moves between your devices, your network, and the global network. Upload data can include streaming video, cloud-based file sharing, even uploading files to social media! So, whether you are a casual internet user, a video game streamer or if you have worked from home due to the pandemic, your upload speed is vital to your experience online. The faster your available upload speed, the better your overall video-call experience and the faster you get uploads completed. Just like a download speed measurement, upload speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). And, according to Ofcom, the average upload speed is currently 21.6Mbps. You'll notice this is around 25% of what most people receive in download speed. (80.2Mbps, Ofcom 2020)

Gamer? Upload speed is important too!

Download speeds are vital for gamers, the friction of waiting on long downloads can be removed from waiting for game updates and installs by having good download speeds, so download speeds are important. However, if you are a video-game streamer, play multiplayer games that see you gaming in real-time, or just want to upload your highlight reel to your YouTube channel, better upload speeds will become your best friend. They will make everything quicker, smoother and more efficient. An absolute Win-Win!

Work from Home too? Good Upload Speeds have your back!

Remote working has increasingly gained traction since the COVID-19 pandemic crippled the world's ability to function in its typical manner. And now, many people are enjoying the benefits that remote working provides and intend to utilise remote working moving forward. Services like Zoom, Google Meet, Team or collaborating on work like Canva, Adobe Suite, Figma etc., rely on Upload Speeds. The faster your speed, the more seamless the experience.

How can you check what Upload speed you are receiving?

Most ISP's will clearly state the range you can expect your upload speed to fall within. However, if you want a live example of your upload speed, you should run a speed test on your device. The test will check what speed's you are receiving at a specific time. We personally like the OOkla. You can check it out here.

Not fast enough?

If you run a speed test and find yourself disappointed by the result, there are two main things you can affect directly to improve your speeds.

Firstly, where possible utilise a wired connection via ethernet cable. This will improve speeds as it removes interference from the equation. This means the data can travel faster and more direct. And secondly, reduce the number of devices that simultaneously upload large data, as this will lower the speeds available to each device. You may find it more efficient to upload on one device, complete your upload and then complete the second upload on your other device.

Unfortunately, whilst big leaps have been made to improve download speeds for customers, many ISP's continue to deliver subpar upload speeds. The best way to improve your upload speed is to utilise a broadband package that delivers symmetrical speeds for Upload and Download. And yes, Quickfire is one such solution!

Symmetrical Speeds, A staple for Quickfire!

With our Quickfire packages, you get equal download and upload speeds (for example, on 150Mb, you get 150Mbps downloads and 150Mbps uploads).

So check out our Quickfire Products and get ready for crystal clear, lag-free Zoom Calls, seamless game streaming opportunities and the chance to upload files in a flash, all with Quickfire by Quickline. For more information click here.