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Gamescom 2021: Quickfire Takeaways from Geoff Keighley's ONL presentation and Xbox's Presentation.

By Ashley Liddell

Gamescom 2021 may have been another example of an all-digital showcase that we become accustomed to during the pandemic, but that didn't mean the reveals were any less exciting for the viewing audience. Between Xbox's 90 minute presentation and the Geoff Keighley led Opening Night Live presentation, there was plenty for gamers to get excited about for the rest of 2021, 2022 and beyond. Let's break down five major announcements from Gamescom 2021.

Saints Row Reboot.

It may have split fans online, but this writer couldn't be happier to see a new instalment for one of the most beloved franchises around! A distinct change in direction in terms of art style, story and character type has seen Saints Row garner initial criticism online following it's Gamescom 2021 announcement however a degree of trust has been earned by Volition, who also developed the previous titles in the series. I expect they will once again deliver a fantastic, over-the-top and ultimately fun, open-world playground. Saints Row lands on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and Windows PC in February 2022.

Marvel's Midnight Suns.

XCOM developer Firaxis games are working with 2K to develop a tactical-RPG game within the Marvel Universe, even creating a brand new Superhero, alongside Marvel, to be enjoyed throughout the game. The trailer, which you can check out below, looks epic. For fans of this genre, Midnight Suns is looking like a must-play title within the space. The gameplay is yet to be highlighted, but we won't have to wait long for this as the worldwide gameplay reveal is a little under a week away! Check out the trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns below.

Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Battlefield 2042 has gained a lot of traction this year, ahead of its October release. However, that doesn't mean COD will accept defeat and not compete for the title of best FPS this Christmas. And this is where Call of Duty: Vanguard comes in! It is Sledgehammer's turn to deliver the annual COD release, and whilst my initial feeling was one of interest and excitement, Gamescom 2021 has quickly changed my feelings towards the title.

Take a look at the gameplay from Gamescom ONL below and see for yourself but parkour, free running up conveniently placed bricks, doesn't feel like a WW2 first-person shooter, in this writer's opinion. I'm sure the game will gain a lot of interest for its usual Multiplayer and celebrated Zombies modes, but I have completely lost interest in the campaign mode following Gamescom 2021. The biggest factor contributing to this was hearing the games' lead actress explain how we would see the protagonist as an innocent character within the gameplay reveal. This was then followed by the player delivering multiple military level assassinations and displaying excellent gun-play, all supposedly without military training at this point of the story! These factors just broke my immersion in the story and any potential investment in the character.

Halo Infinite

The game I am most excited for this year, Halo Infinite, was heavily featured throughout Gamescom. The first announcement of the day? The reveal that the Multiplayer and Campaign experiences will drop together, dropping on 8th December 2021. But the excitement didn't stop there. Following on from the reveal of the FORZA Xbox controller during Xbox's presentation, HALO confirmed there would also be a Master Chief controller design released this year as well. And, what's more, a custom Xbox Series X would also be released! Check them out below! These are already sold out by authorised retailers, with scalpers now asking for £1,000 on sites like eBay and Amazon if you want to grab one.

So, before we finish with one final huge announcement from Gamescom 2021, let's list some of the other notable announcements. It's Quickfire time!

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, was highlighted.

Horizon: Forbidden West - Dev Update: DELAYED.

Aloy is heading to Genshin Impact.

Death Stranding Directors Cut Showcased.

Dying Light 2 Showcased.

TONS more games coming to Game Pass.

And finally, Xcloud is heading to Consoles:

Xcloud, Microsoft's Game Streaming project, is headed to Xbox Series consoles this Christmas. This service will enable users to stream games via Gamepass onto their Xbox system. Users can then try before deciding to download the game, pass on the game or continue streaming via xCloud. Microsoft dedicated trailer time to highlight how the friction of downloads will be removed because of xCloud, showcasing multiple usage cases within the trailer, which we have embedded above.

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