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How to leverage your broadband to turn your home into a Smart Home.

By Ashley Liddell

Smart Tech for our homes has been on the brink of becoming mainstream for a long time. From smart doorbells to home lighting, home heating to our entertainment systems, smart technology has now become a major part of the modern home and with Quickfire broadband, you’re all set to capitalise on his emerging trend, adopting these technologies and saving money, time and even stress. Overall, Smart Tech is just making life easier, what’s not to like! By leveraging your home Wi-Fi and a smartphone you can control almost anything in your home once you have upgraded that piece of tech, to a Smart enabled iteration. So, let’s look at what smart tech is available right now!

First Up, The Smartest Plugs on the market: Smart Plugs are the perfect device for anyone looking to take baby steps into the world of smart technology. Smart Plugs are a cheap introduction, easy to set up and put to work and can transform any electronic device or nifty gadget in your home into a smart device. All you need do is plug in your desired compatible device and you’ll have instant access to control that device via a mobile application, or you can even tell your Alexa/Google voice assistant to turn your appliance on! From Automating Christmas lights to cooking your dinner in your Slow-Cooker to tracking how much power your household appliances are consuming, smart plugs are a great introduction to smart tech. Lightbulb Moment: Another easy transition for newcomers to smart technology is leveraging smart tech to make your home lighting smarter. You can control single lights with single purchases or go for broke and convert your entire property so you can control every lightbulb in your home. Control when the lights are on or off, without being in your home. Set the mood for when you arrive home by using your smartphone to control the lightbulbs colour options and dim settings. And all this can be done when you’re not even in your home!

Starting to warm to Smart tech? Then you’ll love our next suggestion. Smart thermostats are useful for keeping your home warm, warming it up as you make your way home but perhaps most importantly, they can save you some money on your utility expenses. Smart Thermostats can give you monthly reporting tools that let you track your usage and spending etc. And what's more, once the smart tech gets an idea of what you like and your usage patterns it will adjust automatically based on those patterns. All of this is essential in helping you save money and as a useful benefit, you’ll also be helping the environment.

Safety in the house via Smart CO and Smoke Detectors. If you want safety to be at the heart of your smart tech adoption, you’re covered. Regular self-testing capabilities alongside enhanced communication capabilities ensure that Smart Smoke Detectors and Smart CO detectors give users the ultimate peace of mind. Whether you are receiving messages about a fire at your property via a notification on your smartphone or if you want to test your detector whilst sat on the sofa, smart Detectors give you the ultimate peace of mind in your home when it comes to safety. From Safety to Security. Despite being a relatively expensive piece of equipment, smart locks are the ultimate gadget for any Smart Tech user looking for the most security for their property possible. If nothing else, you will never have to second guess whether you locked the front door after you have left your house, just check your smartphone to confirm! As someone who always misplaces keys, having the ability to unlock a door with face/voice recognition is almost essential at this point too!

And finally, the ability to monitor activity by checking who enters and leaves your property and when is essential for anyone looking to create the ultimate secure environment around their property.

Ding Dong Goes the Doorbell. The most mainstream smart technology now, the smart doorbell. The ability to detect motion, instantly sending a push notification to your smartphone, no matter the time of day, and then allowing you to interact with whoever is at your door, via a speaker, has really resonated with consumers. Partner a smart doorbell with a smart lock and you also can open your property to allow visitors into your property as you desire. A great combination of smart tech here!

Don’t forget the Dogs. Nobody likes leaving their pets on their own at home and with a smart pet device, you will be presented with fantastic ways to interact with your pets when you’re not at home. You can see what your pet is up to, talk to your pet and the more recent iterations will even dispense treats or toys at the push of a button on your smartphone. If you hate leaving your pet for a long period of time Even looking after your plants can be smarter. Do you struggle to keep your houseplants alive? Well, struggle no longer. Smart plant devices can monitor light, temperatures, fertiliser levels and water requirements and send a push notification to your phone If anything needs adapting or changing. The most advanced iterations also feature self-watering abilities. This means that you can go and enjoy a holiday without worrying about coming home to dead house plants!

The COOLEST piece of smart tech. Once you have dipped your toes, and that of your plants, you can invest some serious money into some really exciting smart technology. Internal Cameras allow you to check what you have within your fridge from your smartphone with the onboard smart screen allowing you to create a shopping list of needed additions, some will even let you shop there and then! What’s even cooler is that your smart screen can become what you need it to be at any moment. From TV to music player to interactive memo board! A Smart Fridge has you covered!

Okay Google, Stream my favourite music. At this point, you will have certainly seen a smart speaker. Perhaps the most popular piece of smart tech, smart speakers are an inexpensive gadget for your home which carry some cool benefits. You can tell them to play your favourite music, set alarms or timers and can even control your other smart devices all from your smart speaker. Just be aware that not every smart speaker will be compatible with your other devices so check to make sure you choose the correct one for your setup. So, you have all the gear, now give your home the idea with a home controller. Okay, so you’re all in with smart tech. You adopt some of the suggestions above, now what. Well, you’re going to need something to ensure your smart home remains, well…smart! A Home controller, which usually comes as a physical hub/screen with all your devices and control options available or as a motherboard of a central application on your phone, ensures everything is in one place. By using a home controller, you can ensure that you have access to everything all in one place, instead of over several apps or locations. These allow you to enjoy your new smart home to the maximum and keep the whole process efficient. So now your home is smart, it’s time to utilise broadband that can keep up with your home. If you have a fully connected Smart Home, fantastic! But you’ll need broadband connectivity to support it. By utilising QuickFire by Quickline you can keep your smart home operating smoothly alongside your other devices that utilise your broadband! Click here for more information