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Leveraging Quickfire Gigafast Broadband for the future of Gaming - Game Streaming: A Deep Dive.

By Ashley Liddell.

A new generation of game consoles has just landed fresh off the production line. But whilst companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft may be committed to developing physical hardware in the form of home game consoles, there is a new way to play your games that gamers would be wise not to ignore. Game Streaming is the next innovation for the video games industry, a technological leap, the likes that have not occurred since innovations in console online multiplayer, and that was around 20 years ago.

So firstly, let's establish just what exactly Game Streaming is. When it comes to Game Streaming, the concept will see users no longer be required to purchase expensive hardware, download titles or even buy game discs. Instead, you would launch your favourite game titles from your Smart TV, Mobile Phone or Computer, with no waiting for the tedious patches or large downloads associated with gaming as we see today.

Essentially, you will instead stream your gaming library from a company's servers, like how you stream music and movies on platforms like Netflix and Apple Music.

So that establishes the what, but what about the who?

Well, there are already several large tech companies familiar with the gaming industry, tackling Game Streaming. Both Microsoft and Nvidia innovated solutions as early adopters of the technology alongside Google, Blade "Shadow", and Amazon. However, recently, all of the major players have started creating their solutions for Game Streaming. They have recognised the potential the technology presents for gamers and their businesses alike and cannot afford to be left behind as the industry shifts towards its next innovative leap.

Game streaming is an innovation surrounded by scepticism by consumers, especially in its earliest days. This occurred because game-streaming technology was widely inaccessible to most consumers, due to poor consumer broadband connectivity and ISP enforced Data Caps. Ultimately, consumers just couldn't put their trust in a game streaming platform, as a viable solution. This was reflected in the negative press received by Google for their Stadia launch in 2019. However, in areas where Ultrafast broadband is available, and Data Caps are not a concern for consumers (Such as areas covered by our Quickfire Product Range), Stadia highlighted that Game Streaming is a viable solution.

The platform successfully enabled players to play their Stadia Library in up to 4K resolutions, with the only necessary purchase at the time being a Stadia Controller and Google Chromecast device. And things got even better throughout 2020. Here, Stadia enabled more devices and added wider controller support, meaning the friction for gamers in playing their favourite titles was further reduced. The positivity didn't stop here either, Stadia Strengths were further evidenced in 2020, following the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk was a title that current-gen home consoles struggled to handle, highlighting the drawbacks of static hardware, however, the title ran smoothly (as far as Cyberpunk 2077 could) on Google Stadia, finally giving users a real-world example of the potential for Game Streaming.

This was a big win for Stadia but also Game Streaming, the positive advances kept coming too as Project X Cloud (Microsoft's Solution) began its wider expansion, becoming usable by all Game Pass Ultimate users, a step which saw Microsft truly begin to nail "Games as a service".

Users can now play their favourite Game Pass titles on their consoles and gaming PC's, as well as mobile devices. And with this step, the true potential of Game Streaming begins to present itself.

Google and Amazon see their platforms as direct competition to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's offerings. However, issues in delivering a wide library of games have negatively affected their adoption. However, the current industry leaders, possess a deep and extensive back catalogue of titles, which enables them to utilise game streaming as an enhancement of their offerings rather than a replacement.

Take Hard Drive Space! We all know that they are not the best within home consoles. We also know that game's file sizes are getting bigger. So, if the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo can allow users to stream their back library, without the need to download, alongside users downloading any desired titles for offline play etc. Game Streaming then becomes an essential service available to gamers lacking storage space.

There are further possibilities that are becoming clear too, Nintendo has adopted Game Streaming to deliver titles that would not be possible on the physical hardware within its Switch Console. This has enabled users to play graphically intensive games like Control, on a handheld console. A fantastic result for Nintendo users.

And what's more? We are still establishing what Game Streaming's role will be going forward. Game Streaming has a real convenience factor for avid gamers. It removes financial friction for consumers who have a small budget. And finally, it gives accessibility to titles considered non-viable for certain consoles, PC's and Smart TV's.

So what are you waiting for, if you are a Quickfire user, your gigafast connection is the best way to enjoy game streaming. Simply head over to your device App Store, look for the streaming platform you wish to explore and see what you think of the newest innovation in gaming technology. Our service provides everything streaming platforms love, Ultra-Low Latency, Gigafast connectivity and symmetrical speeds for transferring data information from inputs. You'll have a blast!

Not a Quickfire Broadband User? You may still be able to utilise the game streaming services, you need around 50mbps of connectivity, specifically for your streaming device, to enjoy the service effectively. Or, why not utilise our postcode checker to see if you can become a Quickfire User, adopting the "best-in-class" UK gigafast connectivity available!