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Playstation reaches 3rd base with its September 'Showcase' event but falls short of a Home Run!

By Ashley Liddell

Sony's September 9th Showcase event was an exciting look at the future of the Playstation 5 generation. Sony teased gamers with the briefest of glimpses at upcoming titles that are likely to whet the appetite of gamers for months, even years, to come. In normal circumstances, this would have been considered a massive win for the Japanese technological giant. Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances.

Faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of closing the gap on Microsoft and its increasingly successful "Game Pass" model, Playstation had to deliver in the 'now'. Sony had to give gamers a reason to go with the PS5 over the Xbox Series consoles this Christmas season. And, in my opinion, they failed to do so. Gamers will go with Xbox this Christmas (Stock allowing) and like the Xbox in the previous generation, Sony will be forced to play catch up and hope their titles can win custom later in the generational battle.

Bringing us back to the September Showcase event though, there were some fantastic announcements to highlight.

Insomniac is Sony's new Top Dev.

Insomniac games once again highlighted how they should be considered Sony's top dog (See what I did there) ahead of the other first-party studios at Sony. Insomniac highlighted two titles that will be major coups for Playstation players when they eventually release in 2023 or beyond. Spider-Man 2 and Marvel Wolverine are two titles for gamers to be extremely excited about. Insomniac has proved that it can deliver truly amazing super-hero adventures for players, I am sure that these two titles will continue Insomniac's fantastic lineage.

And, as the heading acknowledges, it's becoming increasingly difficult to not see Insomniac as Sony's MVP developer. Between developing two stunning Spider-Man adventures and a Ratchet and Clank sequel for the PS5, Insomniac is flying the flag for the PS5 console for first-party developers and whilst Naughty Dog did highlight a remaster of Uncharted within this event (Which will also drop on PC), it is clear that Insomniac are coming for Naughty Dog's crown, even if unintentionally.

The next God Of War has a name. Ragnarok.

The Showcase event finally confirmed the title for the upcoming God of War game, it will be titled "Ragnarok". In the trailer shown we are shown Atreus, who is still on a path of discovery, following the big development of the 2018 God of War title. Oh and we saw Thor! This game is certainly one to watch!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic gets a PS5 Remake.

This was brief, but showcase viewers were treated to a small tease of the upcoming Star Wars remake for Knights of the Old Republic. The game is being developed by Aspyr but Sony are collaborating on the project. They will publish the title for the PS5 platform. This is Seemingly a reactionary move by Sony, following the purchase of Bethesda and its RPG titles, by Xbox. This could prove to be a significant move by Sony as this title has been widely requested by the console community on subreddits, throughout the world of gaming.

Gran Turismo 7 is headed to PS5 and PS4 this upcoming March.

Within the showcase, Sony provided a fresh look at the upcoming Gran Turismo title. The games looked beautiful, and this writer can't wait to give this a play ASAP! check out the trailer below and see what you think but I'm sure I see Ray-traced reflections. Stunning visuals, a complex car-editing tool and fantastic game modes will see this become a staple for many petrol heads when Gran Turismo 7 launches this coming March.

Final Thoughts:

As stated right at the top of this post, on paper, this was a killer showcase of upcoming titles. However, even with COVID-19 still affecting the progress of developers, this was not the home-run showcase it needed to be in order to compete with Xbox. The PS5 has had a rocky launch and that viewpoint will not be changing on the back of any of the announcements highlighted. The major talking points are all for games that are not instant delivery for the Blue Brand, providing a true test of Sony in establishing how they do coming from behind in this console war!